I am no Chuck Close

No Chuck Close

I’m thinking about how to add even more levels of viewability to some of my work. This is a self portrait in the vein of Chuck Close. When viewed from far away, the face becomes apparent, but as you get closer the texture in the sweeping lines takes over.

No Chuck Close

Composition #53


I am proud to announce that a number of my artworks will be placed for sale in limited editions starting December 1. Each piece in this group will be sold in 4 different sizes with limited runs, signed and numbered by me. An unlimited run of unsigned 8x10s and postcards will also be made.

Dimensions will vary some due to differing aspet ratios but as a general guide signed editions will be as follows:

Extra Large Large Medium Small
Run 1 + AP 8 64 256
Dim 44-60″ 36-40″ 24-30″ 15-20″

Each piece will have its specific details available on the purchase page.