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These images were created using an emergent algorithm. Every image created by the app is unique and will never be repeated.


Arrange a number of points with initial parameters x, y, speen, direction and assign a random speed and direction to each. After each iteration of movement, analyze the distances between each point. If 2 points are within a certain distance of each other, draw a line between them.

Just Survive Until Spring

I haven’t produced any new artwork since the football season started, and I’ve got somewhat of a life back now that it’s over. So I present a new work: Just Survive Until Spring. It honors how I’ve felt the last 5 months ;)

Additionally, I have decided to undertake an experiment. I will be releasing this image, full resolution, for you all to download and print for just $1.99. This will just cover bandwidth and service charges for processing the purchase. I will be releasing the purchase URL here, on flicker, behance and twitter when it’s available.

I will still offer limited edition, signed prints for collectors.


Composition #72

First post in quite a while. I’ve been playing with processing and should be able to start generating images very soon (this is still flash). I did manage to abstract out the motion algorithm though which I think will make for some interesting new graphical patterns. Stay tuned.

Larger versions are available on Flickr

Composition #72

Composition #72 detail 1

Composition #72 detail 0