I’ve ported a version of Ablaze over to javascript, so if you are using a modern browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox 3.5+ or IE9) you can play with it and make cool images from within your browser.

Click here to go to Ablaze.js app.

This image was created using an emergent algorithm. Every image created by the app is unique and will never be repeated.

Arrange a number of points with initial parameters x, y, speed, direction and assign a random speed and direction to each. After each iteration of movement, analyze the distances between each point. If 2 points are within a certain distance of each other, draw a line between them.

Check out sample images on my Behance project or on Flickr

  • http://www.facebook.com/mikeumus Michael Duane Mooring

    This is awesome Patrick. Thank for sharing the inspiration.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/owen.kelly.77 Owen Kelly

    This is excellent. Many thanks. One quick question: what format should the colormap be in?

  • http://www.facebook.com/owen.kelly.77 Owen Kelly

    Sorry, I accidentally posted the comment below before logging in via Facebook. :)

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  • http://moondowner.wordpress.com Martin Spa.

    It crashes Firefox Nightly every time I open http://theorigin.net/ablazejs ..

  • Pat

    Martin, it’s probably a memory issue. I built this primarily for Chrome (it’s a Chrome Experiment), but at the time of publication it ran well on FF11.

    Owen, you can use any image format supported by Chrome. I’ve personally used gif, png and jpg colormaps.

  • Mamalkita

    hi patric. i need to have your e-mail for a confidential about illegal commercial use on your artwork.


  • cresquin

    You can contact me at this address.

  • Tymoteusz Dzienniak

    That’s great! I’ve just generate my new wallpaper with this. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.gunderson Patrick Gunderson

    The colormap can be a GIF, JPEG or PNG

  • cresquin

    Chrome experiment. There’s a flash version that should work on any desktop at http://theorigin.net/ablaze

  • http://thisismartin.com/ Martin Spa.

    Didn’t knew that, thanks for pointing it out!

  • andrew corp

    simply stunning art i really love the first one.